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 I auditioned for American Idol twice and made it to Hollywood both times! The first time was Season 12 at the age of 17. I wasn't old enough to go alone so my mom came with me to all the auditions (including Hollywood). I was the second person to audition that day out of roughly 50-60 people and I was the first to get a Golden Ticket! Getting that ticket was something I never really envisioned up until that point, but nevertheless I was extremely excited for what was to come! Also managed to get that guitar in this picture signed by Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, and Ryan Seacrest!


The first round of Hollywood Week was simply called 'Solo Round'. They line everybody up in rows of 10 and each person gets to sing just about 15-20 seconds of a song. After the judges deliberated, and showed mercy for wearing that terrible red flannel and blue jean combo in the middle, I was chosen to move on to the 'Group Round'. 

Every season prior, the contestants were allowed to select your own group for 'Group Round'. So, many started to find people and learn a song very quickly to possibly find some time for sleep, leisure, etc. I, myself, also found a group in Clint Belew and Alex Kinsey. Clint is still one of my best friends and Alex went on to win X Factor as the duo 'Alex and Sierra". Later that morning, around 2am, they then informed us that they will be choosing teams this year! and that we needed to learn choreography and a song by 11am that same morning! After a lack of sleep and no knowledge of who even sang this song, this was our so called 15 seconds of fame lol

At the time I was completely embarrassed, but looking back, it was something I needed to go through: failure. I needed to be able to grow and understand that this music journey wasn't going to be easy. And that I needed to get up and try again. So I did just that.

The following year, now 18, I tried my luck one more time for Season 13. This time I had the experience of Hollywood and felt much more confident! This season's judges were Harry Conick JR, Keith Urban, and the beautiful Jennifer Lopez! I also managed to get some air time of my audition so that was also pretty cool! I still remember everybody's comments so vividly, but I'm so glad they shared J-Lo's at the end of this video ! lol